NECS-FC-Y 0152 – 1604

Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water, equipped with hermetic scroll compressors, R410A refrigerant, axial-fans, condensing coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins, braze-welded plate evaporator and thermostatic expansion valve. External panels are of peraluman, base of galvanized epoxy powder coated steel. The unit is supplied with anti-freeze oil and refrigerant and has been factory tested. On-site installation therefore just involves making connections to the mains power and water supplies. These chillers, fitted with free-cooling coils, are used when the cooling load is constant all-year-round or the outdoor air temperature is lower than the temperature of the liquid return line. In free cooling mode, the liquid is cooled by outdoor air, thus lowering the load of the compressors until it is reduced to zero. The NG configuration complies with applications where it is not allowed or desired the use of ethylene glycol.