Mitsubishi Electric CV i-FX-N-G05 0472 – 1152 air to water heat pump

Outdoor heat pump unit for the production of chilled/hot water with semi-hermetic variable-speed screw compressors optimized for R513A, EC fans, external coil with copper tubes and aluminium fines, shell and tubes heat exchanger designed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. and electronic expansion valve. The screw compressors feature the variable speed technology thanks to the integrated refrigerant cooled inverter, for the maximum compactness and operating flexibility. Moreover, they feature the Variable Vi (compression ratio) technology, to change the internal geometry according to the operating conditions. Thanks to the accurate sizing of all internal components and the use of variable speed technology, the unit ensures flexibility, reliability and maximum efficiency in every operating condition. These units are designed for two-pipes systems and are able to produce hot or cold water, according to the selected operation mode.