FX-EFC-Y 1502 – 6002

Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water, equipped with semi-hermetic screw compressors, R134a refrigerant, axial-fans, condensing coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins, evaporative cooling system, shell and tube evaporator single pass and electronic expansion valve. Base, supporting structure and panels are of galvanized epoxy powder coated steel. The unit is supplied with anti-freeze oil and refrigerant and has been factory tested. These chillers, fitted with free-cooling coils and evaporative cooling system, are used when the cooling load is constant all-year-round. In free cooling mode, the liquid is cooled by outdoor air, thus lowering the load of the compressors until it is reduced to zero. The evaporative cooling system is made of treated cellulose pads and a water circulator that keeps the pads wet. It lowers the air temperature before it reaches unit’s coils, thus increasing mechanical cooling efficiency and allowing free-cooling benefits to begin at higher outdoor temperatures. The NG configuration complies with applications where it is not allowed or desired the use of ethylene glycol.